Dr. Nafeesah Allen

CEO, Black History Bookshelf


About the Bookshelf

Welcome to Black History Bookshelf an online library about Black History around the world. 

Black history spans across centuries, cultures, and continents.

Our CEO, Dr. Nafeesah Allen, has collected an expansive personal library of books about Black and African Diaspora life around the world. Rather than keeping these books and knowledge to herself, she launched BHB in 2020 to offer digital access to her own repository and an ever-expanding bibliography of similar books available around the world.

This online book review website highlights global Black histories and is organized by language, location, and theme. BHB draws audiences to authors and publishers who produce diverse trade and academic books available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. This site offers a public service by ensuring that these titles are easy to find, buy, and enjoy. We pride ourselves in having an unrivaled range of books that are rare to find, so if there’s a title you seek or an issue you want to research please contact us for help with your search.

Ours is a women-led and Black-owned business, which can only grow with support.

Please buy a book and promote our authors, so that we can continue to share these stories that have changed the course of history.